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Amazon Trials Car Boot Delivery

Amazon, in association with Audi and DHL, are currently trialling a new delivery system in Germany where courier services deliver products from the online retailer to car boots. Open to a small group of Amazon Prime members in Munich, the service is being trialled before the possibility of a national or regional rollout is considered. The trial is part of the ...


Man sends self to Australia – don’t try this at home folks!

Some may consider it madness, others may think it pure genius – and it’s often said that there is a fine line between the two. Whatever you believe, the sheer tenacity of Reg Spiers is hard to deny. This is the story of an Australian athlete who falling on hard times, with not a penny to his name, boxed himself ...


A huge contributing factor in the success of any business is, of course, its people. Having a skilled and knowledgeable workforce is an invaluable asset. Which is why we are so proud to be associated with leading carrier DHL, whose recent decision to join the ‘Movement to Work’ scheme clearly demonstrates their keen understanding of what will drive their business ...


The Ultimate Guide to Shipping for eBay Sellers

For many people, eBay remains one of the quickest and easiest ways to make money on the internet. Why? The service is simple and intuitive interface makes it extremely beginner-friendly, attracting many a fledgling entrepreneur to set up virtual shop and have a go. For unseasoned eBayers however, there are several pitfalls to avoid – particularly when it comes to shipping. ...


There are many things that could be troubling those at the top of the financial tree in business today, but it seems from a survey of finance directors (FDs) and chief financial officers (CFOs) that the biggest issue they currently face is that of finding the right people for their businesses. This should be great news for those looking to ...


Mother’s Day… somewhere!

Here in the UK, Mother’s Day may have passed but, of course, we don’t hold the monopoly on this celebration; across the globe, mothers everywhere are honoured with a whole range of dedicated dates and occasions spanning throughout the year. As May draws closer, we are now approaching one of the most popular months for maternal appreciation. Let us take a ...


How to Make Money on eBay

Although the eBay experience of the average person includes being outbid at the last minute on a great bargain and unsuccessfully trying to flog an old wardrobe - more and more people are using the online auction site as their sole source of income. Rather than selling unwanted personal effects, savvy eBay sellers are investing products in bulk and selling ...


UK Consumers Expect Three Hour Delivery Windows

UK consumers have indicated they are sick of waiting home all day for a delivery – suggesting they now expect delivery windows of three hours or less. More accurate delivery times benefit consumers with busy schedules who resent wasting a day of productivity or being forced to book a day off work to receive a delivery. New research carried out on ...


Philately, or the study and collection of stamps, has been a passion of people around the world since the Penny Black was first introduced in 1840. Although often considered to be bemusing by non-collectors, rare stamps can draw huge sums at specialist auctions – sometimes selling for a few million. Here, we run through the five most valuable stamps in the ...


Top Tips For Sending Parcels Overseas

When sending parcels overseas, there are a number of things to consider. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover everything from clear addressing to sturdy packaging, so the next time you need to send a parcel abroad - it’ll arrive on time and in perfect condition. Address your parcel properly To ensure your parcel reaches the correct recipient, it’s important to address it ...


Gone are the days when customers chose a favourite retailer – their local greengrocer perhaps, or a reliable department store – and remained loyal to that store for the rest of their years. In today’s world, the modern consumer is spoiled for choice from the ever-changing roster of high street names to the seemingly infinite world of ecommerce. Because it’s ...


E-commerce giant, Amazon, has approached the UK government, looking for permission to test their new drone delivery services throughout England, Scotland and Wales. The US company has turn their back on their home country, deeming American aerospace to be ‘over-regulated’, making it difficult for their drones to be tested sufficiently and effectively. Representatives from Amazon met with the UK’s transport manager, ...

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