UK Consumers Expect Three Hour Delivery Windows

UK consumers have indicated they are sick of waiting home all day for a delivery – suggesting they now expect delivery windows of three hours or less. More accurate delivery times benefit consumers with busy schedules who resent wasting a day of productivity or being forced to book a day off work to receive a delivery. New research carried out on ...


Gone are the days when customers chose a favourite retailer – their local greengrocer perhaps, or a reliable department store – and remained loyal to that store for the rest of their years. In today’s world, the modern consumer is spoiled for choice from the ever-changing roster of high street names to the seemingly infinite world of ecommerce. Because it’s ...


E-commerce giant, Amazon, has approached the UK government, looking for permission to test their new drone delivery services throughout England, Scotland and Wales. The US company has turn their back on their home country, deeming American aerospace to be ‘over-regulated’, making it difficult for their drones to be tested sufficiently and effectively. Representatives from Amazon met with the UK’s transport manager, ...


DHL wins greener courier accolade

It is well known that leading carrier DHL is continually developing innovative strategies to ensure the highest levels of environmental efficiency in its operations. But lately the firm has taken on an exciting new challenge that may one day be more important than all their other greener planet initiatives put together.   Dedicated to developing a more sustainable logistics solution, DHL has ...


News of a newly proposed FAA ruling has, once again, left drone-obsessed delivery companies with a crushing feeling. Companies such as Amazon who have been trialling automated delivery solutions were hoping for lift-off, but it seems that their dreams of airborne delivery via drone will remain firmly grounded for now.   The American aviation specialists at the FAA have issued a statement ...


For many Brits, it is the time of year we love the most – when the sunshine on our faces offers a hint of the warmth to come, the early blooms bring the parks to life and the birds return to our gardens, darting from tree to tree, chirruping away. Yes, finally, spring is upon us and Easter is hot ...


As many already know, since their introduction to the UK just a few years ago, parcel lockers are local repositories where delivery firms leave online purchases ready for the customer to pick them up. These offer a convenient, secure delivery location for customers and remove the hassle of waiting in for hours for a delivery to arrive. We have all experienced ...


UK e-commerce stores are set for their busiest year ever following an official industry report predicting one billion parcels will be sent in 2015. The IMRG MetaPack UK Delivery Index made the prediction after measuring a 9.5% increase in parcel deliveries from January 2014 to January 2015. This recorded increase of orders has eased fears that some consumers may be ...


Council Pays £16 for 300 Yard Parcel Delivery

Despite suffering from financial uncertainties, Anglesey council spent nearly £16 on delivering a package just 300 yards from the council office to a police station further up the road. Having not considered sending a member of staff to hand deliver the parcel or use Rapid Parcel to secure a more affordable deal, the council stumped up £15.85 for the ...


Within the courier sector, leading shipping firms are continually looking into new technologies and researching ways to enhance both the efficiency of their service and reduce both cost and environmental impact.   ‘Platooning’ has the potential to do just this, offering numerous benefits for both customer and industry.   Platooning is when several vehicles are linked together through remote automation so only one driver, ...

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