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Royal Mail faces terror from above

Royal Mail figures published in the media earlier this year show the firm have spent £100,000 on awareness and safety campaigns, and have been supplying workers with equipment to make posting letters safer. These devices may keep fingers out of the way of aggressive dogs and cats, but they are not much use when facing an angry mob from the skies!

 Pets, Birds and other problems!

Mail and parcel delivery companies are used to the challenges presented by household pets. However, although sometimes considered pests, birds are not usually seen to be a threat. Until now that is…


The Telegraph reported at the end of June that a postwoman who has a round in the small Scottish town of Elgin, has been attacked by the feathered residents so often that postal deliveries have been suspended in Muirfield Road while a solution to the problem is found. Unfortunately these seagulls are quite contented residents and are not only protected by law, but also have cosy homes on the roofs of properties in the road.


So this means parcel delivery companies’ business and regular mail deliveries have been halted, and the residents of Muirfield Road (who have never had any problems themselves with the birds), have to travel to the post office to collect their mail until nesting season is over. This won’t be ideal for the large number of elderly and disabled residents, but Royal Mail are standing behind tales of the attack and sticking to their guns.

 Royal Mail and Parcel Delivery

Royal Mail are certainly one of the more resolute parcel delivery companies out there, so for now Elgin’s High Street Post Office may have an increase in visitors. There are other, more familiar tales of woe resulting from animal attacks on mail staff that have made the headlines. Since 2006, there have been a total of 24,000 attacks, with workers taking 4,100 working days off as a result. A logistical problem all parcel delivery companies could do without.

 Problem Animals

Dogs have often been mentioned, with dangerous dogs and even a Golden Retriever in the firing line for causing injuries. While this is believable, doubts have been cast over reports that a ten-inch high cat called Snowball, clawed at and caused cuts to postal workers on three different occasions. Although this claimed aggression came as a surprise to Snowball’s owner, the Royal Mail wrote on several occasions naming the cat as a potential hazard, and stopped delivering to Snowball’s Peterborough home.


Unfortunately we can’t train our pets to be nice to parcel delivery companies and their staff, although in Snowball’s case, you will probably agree with Mr Wilkinson’s assessment of the tale. In the Daily Mail this April, he stated: “Although I acknowledge that my cat is a very intelligent animal, she is not able to lift up a spring-loaded flap, keep it open, push her paw through a double brush guard and maul an unsuspecting delivery person in the time it takes to deliver a letter.”


Snowball has now been nicknamed ‘Ninja Cat’, and together with the seagulls causing terror from above, this story could give newspaper cartoonists and satirists across the land a fair few ideas!

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