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The convenience of parcel drop-off points across the UK

RapidParcel.com already enjoys a reputation for reliable and cost-effective parcel delivery services built on a strategy of forming partnerships with only the best courier companies to deliver across the globe. The market leaders in the logistics sector have become accustomed to the need for a consistent commitment to quality and with it, flexibility of their provision to match consumer preferences. One such issue that has been raised time and time again to us over the years is the issue of collections – having to wait in for a courier to pick up your package.  To this end, we at RapidParcel.com have established an extensive network of drop-off points that increase customer choice and make it more convenient to either drop in your package or book your courier.

We are, of course, experts in arranging the collection and delivery of packages and to offer as much convenience as possible, we give you the flexibility to choose where you would like our courier partners to pick up your package. It could be from your home or office or even from the home of a friend or family member. Essentially, we can arrange for a collection from any address where someone will be present to hand over the items for delivery. To ensure even more customer convenience, however, we have Rapid Parcel & Post drop-off points located at rail stations and airport terminals across the country. This means no more lost time waiting in when you need to be out and about all day. Our Rapid Parcel & Post drop-off points are often located at our established retail baggage outlets and baggage service points and so offer extra flexibility as they operate extended hours beyond the usual 9-5, as well as the bonus of being open at weekend on both Saturday and Sunday.

These drop-off points also offer customers the added convenience of being able to arrange their parcel delivery in person. Our experienced staff are available to offer advice and guidance on the best delivery methods and to help with the technology so you can review all of the prices and services of our courier partners and make an informed choice as to which is best suited to your delivery needs. Packaging materials are also available at many of our retail outlets and, as the correct packaging is essential to the safety of your items in transit, it is well worth asking our staff for assistance in this matter also.

International travellers who may have no single fixed address while in the country, can also benefit from these drop-off points as it may be more convenient than a collection from a hotel or other temporary accommodation.

Customers can of course still choose RapidParcel.com for all of their door-to-door parcel delivery needs, however, our Rapid Parcel & Post drop-off points may offer some customers greatly increased convenience in their busy life/work schedules.

Daniel Wong-Min
About Daniel Wong-Min
Daniel works as a client support agent at Rapid Parcel and as one of our longest-standing members of staff in this department he has a wealth of knowledge about how Rapid Parcel works, which he’d be delighted to share with you. If you have any questions about our website, using our online process, locating our drop-off points at airports and railway stations, or anything else about our business and how it can work for you, Daniel is the person to ask.