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Customs Advice

The importation of certain products into a country is restricted in order to protect the economy and safety of its citizens. The restrictions may be imposed by Customs or by any other agency which has regulatory authority.

We provide a shipping service only and Customs at the parcel's destination will determine whether any charges are payable on your package. All duties, taxes and/or quarantine fees applied are at the discretion of local customs or governmental organisations and are out of our control.

If the addressee refuses to pay duties/taxes, the parcel may be held, returned (if allowed by Customs) or destroyed, and additional costs may be incurred. As per Terms and Conditions, those charges will be billed to the sender.

Please note, no shipping costs are recoverable for parcels held or destroyed, even if shipping protection cover has been purchased.

Majority of parcels can be delivered door to door, once it has cleared customs at destination. However, some countries have a door to airport service only. In those countries, the recipients may have to present themselves to either Customs or the local courier's office to take possession of their consignment.

We advise you to verify independently, all Customs, Governmental and Quarantine regulations. These rules can and do frequently change without prior notice or recourse.

World Customs Organisation


Economic Operator Registration and Identification (EORI)

It is now a requirement that all exporters sending freight outside of the E.U must have an EORI number if they are VAT registered.

If you have any queries regarding the EORI application process then please visit the HMRC website.

Documents Needed

After you have paid for a shipping service to Netherlands, you will be redirected to a page where you can download and print out the relevant shipping labels, i.e

AWB (Courier Air Waybills - barcode) - Proforma or Commercial invoice - Address label.

The above documents are standard for any international shipment.

Please note, if additional documentation is required for the import of any particular item, it is the customer's responsibility to provide them at destination.


Goods travelling by 'Cargo' are subject to different restrictions to those travelling as carry-on luggage.

A shipment to Netherlands is deemed unacceptable if: it is classified as hazardous material, dangerous goods, prohibited or restricted articles by IATA (International Air Transport Association), ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organisation) or other relevant organisation. Many items which appear harmless in everyday use can pose danger on air transport and are consequently forbidden for transport.

The following page displays a sampling of common prohibited and restricted goods.


Packing Advice

Your parcel must be boxed and well packaged. This will reduce the risk of damage to any item during transit or any associated automated distribution process.

Please be aware the item is not taken by hand from collection to destination and will visit many sorted facilities on its journey. For that reason, you need to protect the items to ensure they make it from A to B safely.

The following packaging guidelines are recommendations to assist you in packaging your shipment:


Shipment Protection

When you book a shipping service to Netherlands, you will be able to choose an appropriate level of cover for your shipment. We offer enhanced parcel protection for up to £2000 for a small additional fee.

If you do not purchase enhanced Shipment Protection, your shipment will be only covered to a maximum value of £50 as per the limited liability set out in our Terms & Conditions and subject to your parcel passing minimum packaging requirements.

Please note that the declared value for customs purposes is not related to the declared value selected for Shipment Protection. We encourage all customers to purchase shipment protection cover for loss or damage.

National Holidays

  • 01/01/2024 - New year's day
  • 14/02/2024 - St. valentine`s day
  • 01/04/2024 - April fool's day
  • 30/04/2024 - Koninginnedag (queen's day)
  • 01/05/2024 - Labour day
  • 04/05/2024 - Herdenkings day (remembrance day)
  • 05/05/2024 - Liberation day - nationale bevrijdingsdag
  • 08/07/2024 - Gay pride day
  • 05/12/2024 - Sinterklaas
  • 15/12/2024 - Koninkrijksdag / kingdom day
  • 25/12/2024 - Eerste kerstdag (first day of christmas)
  • 26/12/2024 - Tweede kerstdag (second day of christmas)


We have a detailed and comprehensive Help Section here. If you cannot find the answer or advice you are looking for there, please use our enquiry form

Example prices for Netherlands Parcel Delivery

Kg: 1 5 10 15 20 40

Courier Kg Service Type Transit Time Price
Express Services:Toggle
1kg Euro Express 1-3 business days *
£ 60.05
Economy Services:Toggle
1kg Euro Saver 3-5 business days *
£ 43.70

When you’ve been arranging shipping to all four corners of the world for as long as we have, you come to realise that perhaps the most important thing for the customer is security – the certainty that the precious cargo they hand over will be protected each and every step of the way until it reaches its destination.

If asked to name the world’s key petrochemical centres, most people would probably come up with somewhere in America or a part of the Middle East. However, Antwerp in Belgium has a petrochemical industry second only in size to that situated in Houston, Texas. Alongside this, and a port which is the second largest in Europe, Antwerp is also at the centre of the world’s diamond industry, thanks to innumerable small-scale diamond merchants and the Antwerp World Diamond Centre. It’s plain to see, then, that the many parcels that need shipping to Antwerp require careful and dedicated handling and the industry’s best shipment protection, all of which we offer.

You needn’t worry about a thing. Your package will be handled by a carrier that we’ve worked with time and again over many years. Because we only work with world-leading couriers when delivering to Antwerp you’re sure to recognise th\eir names. However, the long-term relationship we’ve developed with them provides an additional layer of reassurance because we only use carriers who’ve done the best job possible over and over again and so we are certain that they’ll continue to do so for you.

Shipment protection from the experts

Once you’ve handed over your parcel for delivery to Antwerp, you’ll be able to track its progress every step of the way via our website but, just to give that final level of security we feel our customers deserve, we’ve teamed up with Poundgates, one of the world’s leading providers of shipment protection. Like the carriers we use, they’re the best in their field, with over two decades of experience. And, just like the rate you pay for your shipping to Antwerp, the rate you pay for your shipment protection will be surprisingly affordable because of the long established relationship we have with Poundgates and the volume of business we do with them. A cheap payment rate, however, doesn’t mean a service that’s anything less than excellent; Poundgates are ISO accredited and listed as an approved cover holder at Lloyd’s.

Because every parcel we help to deliver to Antwerp is handled with dedicated care by household names in the courier industry, we sincerely hope that you won’t need to realise the benefits of our shipment protection. But with the additional peace of mind it offers you can confidently entrust your shipment to Antwerp, to Brussels, or beyond to us at RapidParcel.com.

There’s no safer service for your parcel delivery to Antwerp than RapidParcel.com – the international courier comparison and booking website.

There is plenty of information on our website to help you to select the best courier for your delivery, how to pack your packages and what is required in our simple step by step booking process. So when you are ready to arrange for us to collect and delivery your shipment the starting point is our Rapid Quote form.

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