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Address Lookup

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When you send a parcel through Rapid Parcel we know that you’ll want it to get to its destination as quickly as possible, after all that’s one of the reasons you’ve chosen to use our world-renowned courier partners. However, failing to use the correct or complete address on your booking will inevitably and frustratingly cause delays.

Check that you’ve entered the correct postcode

More often than you might think customers mistype the postcode of either their collection point or their parcel’s destination. Whether Grandma has moved recently, the merger with Smith and Sons means that you’re now using their offices as your US headquarters, or you simply remember it incorrectly, using the wrong postcode, even if you have the right physical address, can delay your delivery.

Check and recheck the full postal address before letting us know where you’re sending your packages.

Rapid Parcel

Find the correct postcode

Of course there may well be times when you don’t know the postcode of the building you’ll be in for collection or the full destination address. In these circumstances please do use the most accurate way of discovering the postcode that you need to complete our paperwork – our postcode finder tool.

Simply place the address you need the postcode for into our postcode finder tool and use the information it returns in your booking. At the moment only UK postcodes are available but the team here at Rapid Parcel will be bringing you a more sophisticated international address checker in the near future – watch this space….

When in doubt, ask – never guess

If you are in any way unsure of a full postal address it is far better to ask someone who does know than risk the delays that could result if you enter incorrect information.

We need your help to ensure that we can offer you the fastest and the best parcel delivery service possible.

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