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This option is for sending paper documents only.

You MUST enter the correct weight [kg] and dimensions [cm]
Failure to do so will result in surcharges being applied to your card


Please check to see if your goods require certification from the Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization (SASO). Certificates must accompany your invoice and be issued from a recognised inspection company from the country of origin.

Telecommunications equipment needs prior approval from the Communications & Information Technology Commission (CITC). Medicines, vitamins, cosmetics and food will need to be approved by the Saudi Food & Drug Agency.

Books, records, films, tapes, videos, compact discs, etc are subject to censorship and confiscation.

Before sending your parcel to Saudi Arabia, please make sure that none of the items in your parcels contravene the restrictions imposed by customs at destination.

Customs website: http://www.customs.gov.sa/

Documents Needed

After you have paid for a shipping service to Saudi Arabia, you will be redirected to a page where you can download and print out the relevant shipping labels, i.e

AWB (Courier Air Waybills - barcode) - Proforma or Commercial invoice - Address label.

The above documents are standard for any international shipment.

Please note, if additional documentation is required for the import of any particular item, it is the customer's responsibility to provide them at destination.


Goods travelling by 'Cargo' are subject to different restrictions to those travelling as carry-on luggage.

A shipment to Saudi Arabia is deemed unacceptable if: it is classified as hazardous material, dangerous goods, prohibited or restricted articles by IATA (International Air Transport Association), ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organisation) or other relevant organisation. Many items which appear harmless in everyday use can pose danger on air transport and are consequently forbidden for transport.

The following page displays a sampling of common prohibited and restricted goods.


Packing Advice

Your parcel must be boxed and well packaged. This will reduce the risk of damage to any item during transit or any associated automated distribution process.

Please be aware the item is not taken by hand from collection to destination and will visit many sorted facilities on its journey. For that reason, you need to protect the items to ensure they make it from A to B safely.

The following packaging guidelines are recommendations to assist you in packaging your shipment:


Shipment Protection

When you book a shipping service to Saudi Arabia, you will be able to choose an appropriate level of cover for your shipment. We offer enhanced parcel protection for up to £2000 for a small additional fee.

If you do not purchase enhanced Shipment Protection, your shipment will be only covered to a maximum value of £50 as per the limited liability set out in our Terms & Conditions and subject to your parcel passing minimum packaging requirements.

Please note that the declared value for customs purposes is not related to the declared value selected for Shipment Protection. We encourage all customers to purchase shipment protection cover for loss or damage.

National Holidays

  • 24/01/2019 - Prophet's birthday
  • 20/03/2019 - March equinox
  • 21/06/2019 - June solstice
  • 09/07/2019 - Ramadan begins
  • 08/08/2019 - Eid-al-fitr (end of ramadan)
  • 09/08/2019 - Eid-al-fitr holiday
  • 10/08/2019 - Eid-al-fitr holiday
  • 11/08/2019 - Eid-al-fitr holiday
  • 12/08/2019 - Eid-al-fitr holiday
  • 13/08/2019 - Eid-al-fitr holiday
  • 14/08/2019 - Eid-al-fitr holiday
  • 22/09/2019 - September equinox
  • 23/09/2019 - Saudi national day
  • 10/10/2019 - Eid-al-adha holiday
  • 11/10/2019 - Eid-al-adha holiday
  • 12/10/2019 - Eid-al-adha holiday
  • 13/10/2019 - Eid-al-adha holiday
  • 14/10/2019 - Eid-al-adha holiday
  • 15/10/2019 - Eid-al-adha (feast of sacrifice)
  • 16/10/2019 - Eid-al-adha holiday
  • 17/10/2019 - Eid-al-adha holiday
  • 18/10/2019 - Eid-al-adha holiday
  • 19/10/2019 - Eid-al-adha holiday
  • 20/10/2019 - Eid-al-adha holiday
  • 05/11/2019 - Muharram (muslim new year)
  • 21/12/2019 - December solstice


We have a detailed and comprehensive Help Section here. If you cannot find the answer or advice you are looking for there, please use our enquiry form

Example prices for Saudi Arabia Parcel Delivery

Kg: 1 5 10 15 20 40

Courier Kg Service Type Transit Time Price
Express Services:Toggle
1kg World Express 2-3 business days *
£ 64.61 ex. VAT£ 64.61 inc. VAT
A Riyadh parcel delivery service you can trust

There’s no better courier comparison service available for your package delivery to Riyadh than the one offered by RapidParcel.com. Our courier partners ensure that your Riyadh delivery is transported swiftly and safely to its destination with the minimum of fuss and for less than you might imagine.

The finest carriers all in one place

We have made sending a package delivery to Riyadh so simple it’s child’s play. By gathering in one place all the best international couriers and ensuring that they are offering the best rates, and in some cases exclusive deals, to our customers, we offer a quick, simple one-stop-shop for all your Riyadh parcel delivery needs.

As the capital city and seat of power for Saudi Arabia, Riyadh is an important administrative, political and commercial centre. It has rapidly grown from a small walled town to the thriving and modern metropolis that it is today, and its business centre is bejewelled with shimmering glass skyscrapers and corporate towers. If your business has connections with this city you’ll be looking for a reliable Riyadh parcel delivery service, and there are none better than those featured on RapidParcel.com. Also, with over four and a half million people living in the city and many millions more flying into King Khalid International Airport each year, there are likely to be friends and family you wish to stay in contact with there too.

Delivering to Riyadh and beyond

Our service to Saudi Arabia is not restricted to facilitating our customer’s package delivery needs to Riyadh alone, we can also handle any shipping requirements you may have to Jeddah or we can deliver to any other major population centre in the country.

Auto-Fill facility for clients with multi-package deliveries to book We pride ourselves on our innovative approach to shipping and have therefore developed numerous useful tools on our website to make your delivery to Riyadh easier to book, more cost-effective to send and easier to track. One such innovation is our ‘auto-fill’ function. If your business needs to send numerous parcels across the globe then our auto-fill function will be just what you’ve been waiting for. No longer do you need to enter each package delivery separately. Now you can upload your address book and use this to auto-fill the booking forms and speed through our order process – ideal for our eBay and Amazon retailer customers and useful for any business looking to send regular multiple parcel orders.

For access to a raft of additional facilities designed to speed up and simplify your interaction with our systems you will need to open an account with us. It’s quick and easy to do and of course it is also totally free, but the benefits of doing so make it well worth your time.

So if you are looking for a Riyadh shipping service you can trust then look no further than RapidParcel.com. Simply complete our easy booking form and you’ll be presented with a list of courier partners who can handle your shipment, showing their rates and services so you can select the one that best meets your needs.

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