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Timed Delivery Service Information

Rapid Parcel’s Timed Delivery service is the fastest way for you to get your parcels and packages to their destinations.

Nearly every courier service today offers a next-day delivery option which will get your consignment there by 5pm the following day but at Rapid Parcel we like to go one step further for our customers, so we also offer a Timed Delivery option which enables you to choose when your consignment will be delivered:

  • By 10.30am or by 12 noon if you are sending to the USA
  • By 9am or by 12 noon if you’re sending to anywhere else

Knowing when your parcels will arrive can be vital for a business. If contracts have to be signed, depositions delivered, plans placed in a client’s hands, or forgotten brochures received by a particular time, there’s no better option than Rapid Parcel’s Timed Delivery. In fact there are so many reasons you might need your papers and packages to reliably and consistently arrive at their destination by a particular time that we could not possibly list them all.

A rational thought at this point would be ‘surely such a service will be expensive’. Yes, Timed Delivery costs a little more, but you’ll be happy to discover that because of the vast number of consignments we send through our courier partners, and the special relationships we have with them, the rates we’ve negotiated for you are simply the best on the market. Some deals you’ll find on our site are exclusive to Rapid Parcel and all are surprisingly affordable.

We’ve no doubt that you’ll find our Timed Delivery service so useful you’ll wonder how you managed before you discovered it. You can depend on Rapid Parcel to ensure that your time-sensitive shipments get to their final destination as swiftly and safely as possible.

To compare the range of Timed Delivery services offered by our courier partners and to book your next package delivery simply fill out our quote form – where our Timed Delivery service is available it will be displayed as an option for you to select

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